Franco Albini & Franca Helg

Franco Albini (1905-1977) was an Italian architect and designer, famous for his ability to merge modern minimalistic furniture design with traditional Italian craftmanship. Through his work he obtained three Compasso D’Oro awards, the most prestigious Italian design prize.

From 1951 Franco Albini becomes business partners with Franca Helg (1920-1989), and from this point Franca plays a crucial role in numerous of Franco Albini’s designs. Franco and Franca were active both in the field of furniture, architectural planning and in industrial design. Together they designed many creations with the new forms of modernism.

Explore our iconic pieces by Franco Albini & Franca Helg

Belladonna Sofa

In 1951 the Italian duo Franco Albini & Franca Helg designed the Belladonna sofa. The Belladonna sofa has a very elegant expression with its fine open weave and the beautiful curved back. The construction gives the impression that the seat sits on a pedestal, which gives the sofa an almost majestic aura. 

The sofa is also available in an outdoor version, the Belladonna Exterior Sofa


In 1951, the same year as the Belladonna sofa was created, the duo designed the Ottoman. The Ottoman truly distinguish itself as an all-round multipurpose furniture. It is both sculptural and elegant - especially when placed together with the majestic Belladonna. The Ottoman comes in two sizes, the Ottoman Small and Ottoman Large.

The Ottoman is also available in outdoor versions, the Ottoman Exterior small and Ottoman Exterior Large.

Fratellino Trolley

The Fratellino trolley was designed in 1951. The complexity of the many curved shapes and detailed windings truly show the great craftmanship behind each trolley.

"Fratellino" is the Italian word for “little brother” and the name refers to the size of the trolley. The Fratellino trolley is both functional and decorative, and fits perfectly in modern interior design.

Luna Lounge Chair

The original design of the Luna Lounge Chair dates back to 1967. This futuristic design, originally named “Radar”, was made with reference to The Space Race, which greatly influenced fashion and design during the 1960s.

The lounge chair is also available in an elegant and weather-resistant outdoor version, the Luna Exterior lounge chair.

Luella Mirror

The Luella Mirror was originally produced in Italy during the 1950s. The combination of rattan and the curved geometric pattern makes the mirror as decorative as it is functional.

Bistro Collection

The Bistro furniture was designed by Franco Albini and Franca Helg in the 1950s. In the elegant Bistro-series you find a Bistro chair, a Bistro 2-seater bench and a Bistro Bench. The Bistro furniture is available in two colors; Ivory and Black.

The Bistro furniture is both elegant and rich in detail. The curved details under the seat smoothly turns into an armrest which subtly reveals that there are skilled architects behind the design.