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Paris Exterior Lounge Chair

Arne Jacobsen


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The Paris lounge chair was designed in 1929 by Arne Jacobsen. The Paris Exterior lounge chair is manufactured from extremely weather-resistant materials and can be used outdoors all year round.

Arne Jacobsen created the Paris chair in 1929 for a competition published by The Basket Makers Association. Later the same year Arne Jacobsen won a Danish Architect’s Association competition for designing the famous “House of the Future” which was built in full scale for the Housing and Building Exhibition in Forum Copenhagen. The Paris chair also received attention at this project, as it was displayed as a part of the interior design. Until World War II, the chair was produced by Robert W. and known both as Fremtidens Stol (The Chair of the Future), Skovsneglen (The Forest Snail) and the Paris Chair.

The Paris Exterior lounge chair is hand-bend in Alu-Rattan and woven by hand with ArtFibre. Alu-Rattan is weatherproof powder coated aluminum, and ArtFibre is Sika-Design’s own specially developed artificial fibers made of maintenance-free polyethylene. This makes the Paris chair resistant to both frosty weather, heavy rain, and UV-radiation. The chair requires no maintenance and is easy to clean.

Due to the strong materials, the Paris Exterior lounge chair is both suitable for private homes as well as for hospitality projects where the iconic chair fits perfectly in both in the garden, the patio and at pool side.

The Paris lounge chair is also available in an indoor version made of rattan.

Width: 69 cm | 27.2 inches *

Depth: 107 cm | 42.2 inches *

Height: 82 cm | 32.3 inches *

Seat height: 34 cm | 13.4 inches *

Seat depth: 50 cm | 19.7 inches *

Armrest height: 54 cm | 21.3 inches *

Weight: 10 kg | 0 lbs *

* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on