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Sarah Basket set



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The Sarah baskets are handcrafted in Indonesian rattan, which is one of the world's most sustainable materials. Rattan is solid, in opposition to hollow bamboo, and is therefore extremely durable. At Sika-Design we only use the two best qualities called Tohiti and Manau to ensure the highest quality of our products.

The baskets come as a pair. The smaller size has a diameter on 38 cm and is 47 cm high. The bigger size has a diameter on 48 cm and is 50 cm high.

The Sarah baskets are part of our Atmosphere collection. The Atmosphere collection is our way of creating a complete scene around our furniture. With this selection of products, we wish to help you create the atmosphere that makes a house into a home. View the full Atmosphere-collection here.

Width: 48 cm | 18.9 inches *

Depth: 48 cm | 18.9 inches *

Height: 50 cm | 19.7 inches *

Weight: 3.5 kg | 7.8 lbs *

* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on