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Seat & back cushions | Donatello 3-seater



Made to order | Choose Seat- and Back Cushion Color
B456 | Tempotest | Taupe
A631 | Youtoo | Sand
A633 | Youtoo | Pale Blue
A635 | Youtoo | Dark Blue
A636 | Youtoo | Dark Grey
A622 | Crumble | Beige
A627 | Crumble | Dark Green
A623 | Crumble | White
B450 | Tempotest | White
A624 | Crumble | Grey
A626 | Crumble | Green
A625 | Crumble | Coffee

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This cushion fits the Donatello 3-seater and has been developed by our sewing studio to fit perfectly into the individual piece of furniture and adds extra comfort. Choose between our standard fabrics or see our full selection of fabrics here.

Please note: Made to order cushions cannot be returned.

Cushions can also be purchased with you own fabric. Contact us directly for information on fabric use and prices.

Weight: 11.4 kg | 25.2 lbs *

* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on